The Mighty Business Card

We’ve been printing in New Orleans for two generations. Almost 48 years. That’s a long time.

A lot haimagess changed, but one thing hasn’t, the power of the business card. It’s interesting to think about, but what is the one piece of marketing collateral that gets handed to customers or potential customers more than any other? The business card. That’s right, the business card. It is literally handed to more customers or potential customers than anything else. The internet gurus predicted it’s death a long time ago. But bad news, even though it’s easy to share a V-card or text a contact, people still hand people business cards.

In fact, can you ever really see a scenario where we are all at a networking event and are all walking around just texting people our v-card as fast as we can? No way! We meet people, we hand them a card. The business card is mighty and very far from being dead!

Being such an important marketing piece, you’d guess that people would spend a lot of time, effort, and money to have a business card that represented them well. But who does that? Some, but not many. We should. Think about it; if you agree that everything you do and say and hand out is communicating something about you and your business, what is your business card saying about you? Did you think it through before you designed it? It is easy to read? Does it stand out in a pile of other business cards? If someone was going to judge you and your competence based ONLY on your business card, what would that person say about you? Would you be happy with the answer? What if we put your business card on a screen in front of 100 business executives and asked them to write down what your card said about you and your business without you being there to defend it? Would you keep the same card you have?

There are lots of ways to spruce up your business card. Like we said, we’ve been printing in New Orleans for almost fifty years. We have seen A LOT of business cards. You can do a lot with them. And it does matter. Maybe a lot. After all, somewhere in a stack of other business cards right now, is the card you’ve been handing out. Will it get noticed in that pile of fifty other business cards?

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Posted on Oct 27 , 2014