Who is EVER going to see your sign in New Orleans or Metairie

One of the greatest challenges for business owners in New Orleans are sign restrictions. Regardless of your business, you can only make your sign as big as they will let you and put it where you are allowed to put it. Unfortunately, where you are allowed to place your sign is not always optimal. We have a great solution for that:

Vinyl Banners

We have indoor and outdoor banners available. You can do a lot with banners. You can mount them on sandwich boards, on poles, on flag poles, or even lay it over the side of your car. Because they are impermanent, you can put up banners without violating too many city policies. In the fray of signs competing for driver’s attention, make yours stand out by adding additional signage using banners.

Sandwich Boards – Sidewalk Signs New Orleans

You might call them sidewalk signs or sandwich boards. They are the A – Frame signs you see all over Magazine Street and in the French Quarter. They sit on the sidewalk and you can write a message on them in chalk or some other kind of marker. These are great for displaying a weekly special or adding additional signage to your business without violating city policy.

However, if you go to search for these, you’ll find out that they are a bit on the pricey side and often small or made out of cheap materials. Our sidewalk signs will last for years to come and take a beating!

Feather Flags

You’ve probably seen these around. They are the tall skinny flags mounted on a tall pole. Did you know you can custom print what you want those flags to say? And you can get them anywhere from 9ft tall to 18ft tall. This is a great way to draw people’s attention toward your business. Look around you. There are A LOT of signs out there. Make sure your sign stands out by using Feather Flags to draw peoples attention in your direction.

We have been making signs and banners in New Orleans and Metairie for two generations. We have professional installers and designers. Whatever you need done, we can get it done for you.

Posted on Mar 31 , 2015